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I know Netflix has had a bad rep these last few days, but I tell you what…
over 300 episodes of Star Trek = Geeky Bliss.

Here is the next sketch for Micah Rd. and I’ve been working on a few more sketches of personal work the past few days which I’ll post soon.
Warning: The Following is Gross
It’s so hot in my studio! Did you know that if an air conditioner is not properly tilted it will accumulate water? And in the right temperature and location that water can attract mosquitoes?  And the mosquitoes can access the interior of said air conditioner and lay their disgusting eggs? And did you also know that that can cause what is know as a ‘Swamp Effect’ inside the air conditioner in which a few days later millions of mosquitoes will come out of the air conditioner vent and into your studio as well as your living room and bedroom?

Oh yeah… it’s actually really common as I later figured out.  I will never forget that horrible night as long as I live.
It also stinks like swamp like you wouldn’t believe.

A few more days of letting the bleach dry and then maybe I’ll turn it back on.

I hate mosquitoes!

But Star Trek is still pretty cool.

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