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But first… a word about words.. 

A year and a few months ago a census taker came to my door. For the first time I had to answer all those tedious sorts of personal questions in one-to-three word answers. Inevitably the census taker came to a question that should not have made my mouth hang open like a moron… but it did. ‘Occupation?’ Occupation??? In one-to-three words? I started at him like an idiot with my mouth hanging open. How do I answer? Do I answer? Do I answer with my lifelong goal (and what I consider myself to be) which is ‘Illustrator’? Or do I answer what my job title is at PetEdge (which is a mouthful: ‘New Product Development Designer/Packaging Designer’). Or do I just stay generic and say ‘Designer’ to avoid further questions and to close my gapping mouth? Ironically, at the exact time the census taker was knocking at my door I was working on a Website Design for a freelance client. Where does that fit in?

Finally I gave an answer that some in the industry would actually consider a dirty word: ‘Commercial Artist’. There. I felt satisfied enough. Commercial Artist may be a term that artist’s derogate from, but I’ve come to use the word as a crutch for my elevator pitch. It is the simplest way to include everything that I do without leaving anything out. I love what I do, I’m very proud of what I do, and I think it is very important to answer correctly and personally. As you can tell the whole experience left me questioning the weight of words when it comes to labeling (especially one’s self). That is why I decided to not limit my new website to words. Introducing: 


Design…astration! Designastration Studio! Perfect! Is it Illustration?! Is it Design?! Yes! It’s both! Because that’s who I am. And I’m proud of who I am.. I’m a Designastrator! Ha!
So the Polaris Studio website will be slowly phasing out. I’ve enjoyed making websites on the side but I enjoy creating illustrations and surface designs much, much more. I’m so thankful for all the websites I’ve been able to help design and produce. They have enabled me to be in control of my career. But it’s time to concentrate, narrow down, and allow myself to focus on what I love. 

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