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Inspired by my hibiscus flowering and my sunflowers sprouting; I did this doodle last night. I think it will be kind of fun to turn it into a mixed media spot (much like the Apple Picking piece I did last Fall). I’m slammed this week–as well as fighting an earache– so I may not be able to revisit this till the weekend. I’m looking forward to doing some bright, pinks and greens.


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Spring Branching

Late last night I got an urge to do some quick little studies and I thought they were cute enough to share. I liked the outcome and I’m going to next do some sketches so that I can make a large scale piece.

Here is a more accurate photo of Yggdrasil that I took this morning outside. I find that outside on overcast days is the best time to take photos of work. I’m still not happy with the color reproduction of this photo, but at least it’s a little better.

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Well… Looks like I finished my phantom painting… ‘The Tree Painting’ as my girlfriends call it.
I started this in 2001 and I’ve loved working on it here and there in my down time but it was time to finish up and move on. The last few nights this week I’ve rushed home from my free-lance gig and got messy with wax and glue on this baby. These photos have a lot of glare and wash so I apologize you can’t fully see the glory of Yggdrasil, but I’m really, really proud of this painting’s detail and texture.

yggdrasil detail

This was originally inspired after reading one of my favorite books ‘House of Leaves’ by Mark Z. Danielewski. If you’re a designer/typographer/visual person and you haven’t picked up this book you’re really missing something special. I think it was a big help to be reading ‘Lord of the Rings’ at it’s final hours. It gave me a lot of confidence in the colors.
I can’t believe it’s done… but I’m very glad it’s finished.

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Little Bird

Here is a one-nighter I did for my friend Robyn’s birthday the other week. I found these wonderful old music books along with a 1960’s Latin dictionary at my local dump (bless the paper recycle bin!) and I have been having a lot of fun integrating them into new mixed-media pieces.

A few years ago I started a large scale painting and it’s been haunting my apartment as a half-finished ghost on my back staircase wall. I take it down every few months and spend a little time with it. Lately I’ve been working on it more often between freelance pieces and my design gig. It’s changed a lot from when I first started it but I’m really enjoying working on it again. I’m torn between wanting to have it forever be my go-to piece when I want to experiment large scale and finally finish it.

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