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Squeeker’s Sneakers

This week I spent some time working on some sketches for my dummy-book ‘Squeekers Sneakers’. She’s so much fun to draw!  My lil’ marshmella.

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I took some time between sketching to work on this birthday present. It’s the second copy I’ve made from The Book of Thoth originally designed by Aleister Crowley and illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris between 1938 and 1943. I love this deck because not only does it have fantastic symbolism but also a huge potpourri of mythology from all cultures and religions including Egyptian, Hebrew, and Christianity. Crowley was so into getting these images perfect he made Lady Frieda re-paint some of them as much as 8 times. No wonder it took over 5 years to complete.

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Here is another finish.  I can smell the crisp-apple-caramel-deliciousness… I think next time I may wait a few layers before adding the patterned pater on the next one. It’s hard to see the shadow of them in the translusent layers once the image is reproduced. I have a lot of birthdays coming up so I may spend a little time working on some special presents. It’s 1am exactly so I think I’ll watch an episode of Bones and hit the hay.

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So I’ve been a good lil’ doobie.  I finished all my design freelance and I’m almost done my spot for New Moon.  All my postcards have been sent and I ordered a few more of another since they are on sale. You’re so jealous of my multi-taskness.

I thought I’d share this sketch because I’m really happy with the way i was able to express the feeling of the mixed media.  I’ve been struggling with that and even though it’s never caused any problems with publishers in the past, I really wanted to attack the challenge of conveying my plan in my sketches.

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