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Really happy with the results from Spoonflower.com.  I had some of the patterns I have been working on printed so I can see the results before I start sending them out.  Anything you upload is automatically kept private so no one can see anything on the site that I upload unless I want them to.  Key feature for testing swatches that I don’t want to (or cannot) share yet. Using the fabric swatches, I was able to color correct what was needed and really perfect the scales of  the individual patterns in my collections.

As a special treat for myself I also had a couple of my favorites printed on a yard and I made myself this yoga mat bag!
Then I went ahead and joined the Spoonflower community by uploading a collection to have available to purchase. I chose these cute little Retro Owls patterns and accompanying accent prints. There are 7 prints available and you can see them here.

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After 7 months….

I can finally show these!

My first product development and surface/textile designs for PetEdge!
Unfortunately,  these are currently unavailable for anyone except Dealer Services Members.

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It’s here!


3 hours to charge!?   Boo!

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Little Peep

I’ve been a little in Design Mode lately as I’ve been working on a website for a friend and artist (Ms. Nikki). I’ve also done like 20 or so more patterns. Just so you don’t think I’m lying here is a peek at the beginnings of Leaf Peepers:

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