Showing designs to a buyer at Printsource. Photo courtesy of Jellybox Design

When I first started talking to artists and agencies about their experiences showing at trade shows; I was told by everyone that you need to show at least 3 times before buyers start to take you seriously.
Well, my third Printsouce New York show is over and I’m so excited to say that it was a great success! I had the distinct opportunity to meet so many new companies and sell to so many new product categories. In spring 2017 my designs will be available on diapers, baby onesies, gift paper, bed sheets, and kids craft materials. I also sold quite a few patterns and collections to fabric and quilting material manufacturers.
3rd time is indeed a charm!
See you in August Printsource!


Something all designers and illustrators can relate to is the flip-flopping of the seasons. In Springtime I was working on Holiday prints.. now that it’s the Holidays.. well.. I’m drawing a lot of cottontails!
Not gonna lie: Still listening to Christmas music (with an erie smile on my face) while I’m drawing the eyelashes on all those critters.

New images on the website! Check them out: www.Designastration.com

Working hard on Spring/Summer 2017!

New Website!


It’s that tiDesignastrationme again! Time to update the website with some shiny, new artwork in preparation for Printsource New York! 3 new collections have just been added to the public Surface Design page on my website. So far, over 60 new pages of artwork have been added to the online catalog since the January show. That’s right around 100 patterns! I’m so happy and so proud at the quality of work I’ve been able to produce in preparation for the August show and I can’t wait for the opportunity to share them!
This season I’ve been focusing on character development and narrative graphics and it’s really taken my artwork to a whole new level! Also, I have made a very personal decision to only create/exhibit artwork that shows girls in a positive light. No ‘Diva‘ tee shirt designs available at Designastration’s booth. Nope!

I thought I’d write a post describing how I planned the design of my booth for Printsource last January. A few artists had stopped by my booth and they were often most curious about planning and decorating the booths. Just like getting your first home, dreams of being able to express yourself in a 3 dimensional space come crashing down once the logistical reality of planning with a budget hits you hard.  I’ve had a lot of experience designing plan-o-grams, packaging, and product specs; so I decided to take the same approach to designing my booth as I would have any other product or display.

Printsource Booth Plan

Last year’s booth. This year’s is going to be even better!

First, I drafted out the bones of the booth (3 walls, table, etc.) to scale using the dimensions provided in the trade show manual. I kept it simple by translating every foot of the physical area into a graphic inch in my design program. Once I was able to create a 2D visual of the space , I started to shop around online for posters and banners I could have printed to hang on the walls. If I found a particular size that I thought might work, I could create the banner/poster to scale within the mock-up to get a pretty clear sense of how everything would come together. I speced out every decoration and item in the booth to scale in order to get a cohesive plan that not only made a great impression, but also fit my budget and brand.

As of a couple weeks ago, I have finished assembling my booth bling for the August show.  It was pretty simple since I have the same booth as I did the last show. I was able to use this same plan and just update the decor with my newest artwork and some additional flare and branding I had created. One last piece of advise I’d like to share with anyone looking to start planning their first art exhibit.. don’t forget you need to get everything to and from the show. If you are traveling on a bus or plane be sure everything can be carefully rolled and lovingly folded.


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