Oh happy day! Dreams do come true! Bowie Styles was kind enough to post some of my artwork and Blueprint flyers on her famous blog: Print & Pattern.  Every morning I enjoy my coffee while seeing what wonderful artwork she has lovingly posted on her blog; and this time I got a lovely surprise :) How exciting!


Registered visitors for Blueprint will be given complimentary transportation to Blueprint from the Javits Center! Get on the bus! Oh yeah!


A year or so ago, while I was researching trade shows for the surface design industry, I started coming across whispers of a brand new show that would be starting soon called Blueprint. After a bit of research I discovered that Blueprint was the brainchild of Cinnamon Joe Studio, a studio whos artwork often inspires and delights me. I became fascinated by the idea of this new type of show.. (imagaine! a show created by artists!) I watched their website and blog for any clues and details. From what I could tell exhibiting at the show was by invite only and it consisted of the most prolific artists and agents in the industry.
The success of their first show became more then just industry gossip and rumors. During my visits to other shows, the whispers of Blueprint turned into a growing excitement. They have since had their second show and after hearing so much about their great accomplishment I wrote to Cinnamon Joe/Blueprint and crossed my fingers.
A few days ago I got a call from the UK. Due to a last minute change… Blueprint had one extra spot!


Showing designs to a buyer at Printsource. Photo courtesy of Jellybox Design

When I first started talking to artists and agencies about their experiences showing at trade shows; I was told by everyone that you need to show at least 3 times before buyers start to take you seriously.
Well, my third Printsouce New York show is over and I’m so excited to say that it was a great success! I had the distinct opportunity to meet so many new companies and sell to so many new product categories. In spring 2017 my designs will be available on diapers, baby onesies, gift paper, bed sheets, and kids craft materials. I also sold quite a few patterns and collections to fabric and quilting material manufacturers.
3rd time is indeed a charm!
See you in August Printsource!


Something all designers and illustrators can relate to is the flip-flopping of the seasons. In Springtime I was working on Holiday prints.. now that it’s the Holidays.. well.. I’m drawing a lot of cottontails!
Not gonna lie: Still listening to Christmas music (with an erie smile on my face) while I’m drawing the eyelashes on all those critters.

New images on the website! Check them out: www.Designastration.com

Working hard on Spring/Summer 2017!


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