I thought I’d write a post describing how I planned the design of my booth for Printsource last January. A few artists had stopped by my booth and they were often most curious about planning and decorating the booths. Just like getting your first home, dreams of being able to express yourself in a 3 dimensional space come crashing down once the logistical reality of planning with a budget hits you hard.  I’ve had a lot of experience designing plan-o-grams, packaging, and product specs; so I decided to take the same approach to designing my booth as I would have any other product or display.

Printsource Booth PlanFirst, I drafted out the bones of the booth (3 walls, table, etc.) to scale using the dimensions provided in the trade show manual. I kept it simple by translating every foot of the physical area into a graphic inch in my design program. Once I was able to create a 2D visual of the space , I started to shop around online for posters and banners I could have printed to hang on the walls. If I found a particular size that I thought might work, I could create the banner/poster to scale within the mock-up to get a pretty clear sense of how everything would come together. I speced out every decoration and item in the booth to scale in order to get a cohesive plan that not only made a great impression, but also fit my budget and brand.

As of a couple weeks ago, I have finished assembling my booth bling for the August show.  It was pretty simple since I have the same booth as I did the last show. I was able to use this same plan and just update the decor with my newest artwork and some additional flare and branding I had created. One last piece of advise I’d like to share with anyone looking to start planning their first art exhibit.. don’t forget you need to get everything to and from the show. If you are traveling on a bus or plane be sure everything can be carefully rolled and lovingly folded.

If you are starting to think about wether or not you and your artwork are ready to exhibit at a trade show; you should check out these videos! Printsource New York’s Producer, Massimo Iacoboni, gives a lot of answers to some important questions like: How many pieces should you have before investing in a booth? Is it okay to share a booth if you do not have the funds to exhibit alone? How should you present your work?

Trade Show Secrets Part 1

Trade Show Secrets Part 2

More Info on Printsource’s website

These videos would have answered most, if not all of, the questions I had when I was considering exhibiting at a trade show. I hope they help you if you’ve stumbled upon this this blog seeking answers. Also, don’t be shy! I love to talk about all things art. Want to talk about art? Drop me a line :)

Right now I’m creating lots of hand draw characters, florals, and geometrics for Fall 2016/17!

Indigo New YorkChecked out Indigo New York last week! This tradeshow was at the Metropolitan Pavilion (which was in the same exhibiting area as Printsource was last January).
This show has been a real mystery to me as I had trouble finding any good pictures online of the booths and exhibiting area. I did know that Indigo is substantial in Paris; and with it’s reputation across seas, I figured it would be worth a bus ticket to get a taste of what it had to offer state side.
In general, surface design trade shows that happen in the Spring are for Summer themed products and therefor they tend to be smaller in scale then shows that are themed for Fall and Spring products. This show was no exception and I was aware upon arrival that it’s size would be smaller then it’s usual show. Once I arrived, I slowly traveled through the aisles, carefully brushing past racks of beautiful fabric and dresses. Although the booths were of similar class to that of Printsource, they were a very different character. There were beautiful, sweeping displays of florals, stripes, abstracts, and geos. All the artwork was incredibly sexy, trendy, and ready for application to an array of Summer apparel items. There were no more then three studios that offered conversational artwork and there were no studios serving the children’s market specifically. Chatting with a few people in the aisles and at the booths I was able to learn that the larger shows had a much greater array of flavor. I’ll have to go see for myself this summer and report back later!
In the meantime, I’m getting ready to visit Surtex this May and preparing for exhibiting in August at Printsource. Yup! Round two! I’ve been working on a lot a great, new work and I’m so excited to share it at the Autumn show!!

New work just added to Designastration’s Portfolio Page!
Take a gander at the 4 new sneak-peeks at what’s going to be released for AW1617, like this one: Make a Wish!


Printsource New York Booth – Jan 2015

Designastration’s Printsource Debut of 2015 is over. And boy-oh-boy was it wonderful! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since. It was just about this time last week that I had just finished packing up the booth. Some things are still sitting wrapped up in the corner of my studio waiting for me to put them away… sigh. So the recap: Upon entering the Metropolitan Pavilion Monday night, the first thing I noticed immediately was one of my designs (Vroom!!) smacking me in the face when I approached the front desk. Very cool to see my artwork first on the trend wall, waiting for everyone to see! I took it as a good sign. I was at booth C26 which was at the end of one of the back rows. Although ‘the end of one of the back rows’ sounds like a distant land, far from the action of the expo, it was actually a great spot! Right on the corner facing tables of the snack bar. I introduced myself to my neighboring booth: Nick and Nichola from Pattern Boutique. It was their first show and they came all the way from Scotland!  We became friends instantly. Super sweet people with amazing work! Set up went fast thanks to my mommy who accompanied me on Blog_3the journey. Tuesday morning I raced (crawled down a traffic filled street in a cab while chewing on my belt in anticipation) over to the Pavilion with 10 minutes to spare before opening. I have to admit, I was EXTREMELY nervous. Also, the room was sweltering! Was it just me or was that place boiling hot?  It took a few minutes for the first group to work their way to the back of the large room. The first person approached my booth.. (okay Tiffany.. you came all the way here.. you poured your soul into all this artwork.. you’ve spent a small fortune on this.. Do.. not.. blow.. it!! Say something! Be yourself and say hello!) Her eyes brushed over my artwork and then looked at me expectantly. “Hi!” I said, “I’m new and extremely nervous.” We both smiled and laughed. The first day of the show continued on in a whirlwind. So many people, buyers, and artists came by my booth. I’m plum almost out of business cards! I got many compliments on my booth and overall presentation. My cut-out-stand-up characters were a big hit and got a lot of attention. They really helped to break the ice, draw people in, and at the same time showcase my special talent: lovable, approachable characters. My Blog_4little, Mushka pins were a big hit as well. I had 50 to start with and I had to squirrel away the last 2 for myself. A lot of visitors took them to bring home to their kids. I really like the idea of that! One other thing that buyers commented/appreciated on were these post-it notes I had printed. They have my name and website on them and I used them to keep track of the prints that buyers wanted to revisit later. I’d write down the prints’ id numbers and the buyer would stick the post-it in their notebooks or in their wallets. They were a little pricier then my other swag, but I’m so glad I made the effort there. More then once they were called ‘smart’. The second day was definitely much slower then the first day, but still pretty busy. The morning of the second day was also when I made my first sale right from the booth. There were a few lulls in the afternoon and it was during those times that the artist would venture out of their stalls and visit each other. I met Ty and Dana from Jelly-box design who were right across from Nick and Nicola. It was their second Blog_5(or third?) show and I was extremely encouraged to see them have such a successful couple of days. Everyone gave the same advice: Come back! I should come back soon and come back as often as I can. You bet I’ll be back!


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