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Here it is folks. The biggest project I’ve ever taken on…

My first house.. a fixer-upper

My first house.. a fixer-upper

Over 1400 square feet of canvas. I’ve always wanted to flip an old house and with a lot of patience, a Mass Housing loan, and a hell of a realtor I finally found my first place. It’s funny to see this photo (taken in Mayafter being vacant for 2 years) because I’ve been living in the house since October and have since done so much work. It already looks so different. About 80% of the work I’ve done so far has been in the yard (about a quarter acre). It was so over grown I couldn’t open the garage doors or the back fence completely. Large weeds from a few years ago had turned into trees and thus became an excuse for me to buy my very own chainsaw. What was once probably a very impressive rose garden had become a briar patch of death and it wasn’t until the dense thorns were cut back all the way did I realize that the garage had large, side windows. Needless to say I’m exhausted and scratched.
Finally, just in time for Christmas, I have a well plotted out yard and even a few manicured areas were the flower and fruit trees are. I really wanted to detail everything and take lots of photos as I worked but for several reasons it didn’t work out.. first of all there was just too much work to do in order to make the place habitable and comfortable. Second, my computer has since crossed over into the light. I wanted to be sure there was no way I could zombie it back to life before buying a new one so I have been unable to document all the fun things I’ve been fixing, cleaning and finding in the place. The day I purchased the home it didn’t have a single working toilet or hot water. The roof leaked and there wear squirrels living in the basement. Do you know what a condenser pump is? Neither did I until October when I installed one. I’m learning so much as I go and I’m excited to share more now that things are finally getting safe, clean, and well… home-y. This place has a lot of potential and now that the major issues are fixed I can finally move on to the fun, creative improvements.

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