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Indigo New YorkChecked out Indigo New York last week! This tradeshow was at the Metropolitan Pavilion (which was in the same exhibiting area as Printsource was last January).
This show has been a real mystery to me as I had trouble finding any good pictures online of the booths and exhibiting area. I did know that Indigo is substantial in Paris; and with it’s reputation across seas, I figured it would be worth a bus ticket to get a taste of what it had to offer state side.
In general, surface design trade shows that happen in the Spring are for Summer themed products and therefor they tend to be smaller in scale then shows that are themed for Fall and Spring products. This show was no exception and I was aware upon arrival that it’s size would be smaller then it’s usual show. Once I arrived, I slowly traveled through the aisles, carefully brushing past racks of beautiful fabric and dresses. Although the booths were of similar class to that of Printsource, they were a very different character. There were beautiful, sweeping displays of florals, stripes, abstracts, and geos. All the artwork was incredibly sexy, trendy, and ready for application to an array of Summer apparel items. There were no more then three studios that offered conversational artwork and there were no studios serving the children’s market specifically. Chatting with a few people in the aisles and at the booths I was able to learn that the larger shows had a much greater array of flavor. I’ll have to go see for myself this summer and report back later!
In the meantime, I’m getting ready to visit Surtex this May and preparing for exhibiting in August at Printsource. Yup! Round two! I’ve been working on a lot a great, new work and I’m so excited to share it at the Autumn show!!

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