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Micah Road SketchAnother Micah Rd. Sketch. This time for a book cover. I’m so happy they picked this one! I was so excited to work on the mysterious lighting from the flashlight when I realized… huh… what have I gotten myself into?! Luckily though I have my trusty reference in the form of a 50 watt bulb and some D batterys.  So far the background is a very limited blue pallet and the light of the flashlight reveals a yellow toned contrast of the girls’ expressions in the darkness.
I also remembered that I have a copy of Annie Was Warned by Jarrett Krosoczka. Lots of great flashlight scenes in here that really help to simplify what’s happening with color and light through paint. It is more then magical that I get to do this painting right when the leaves are starting to turn and I’m seeing skulls and cats in store window displays. I’ve got my ‘Autumn Leaves’ scented candles burning, a chill coming through the quiet window, and I have my girls to help get through the woods tonight.
My favorite time of year for so many reasons.

shhhh… did you hear that?


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