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13230286_558414711365_2660908029790665244_nBlueprint is over.. what a whirlwind! I can’t believe 5 days flew by just like that! This was definitely a show of a different color (pun intended). Everyone exhibiting and circulating the show all admitted openly to feeling the energy and comrodery at Blueprint. I have to admit I was unsure how I would do at this particular show as it was  full of talented artists and prolific agencies. Not to mention the majority of the buyers were from the paper product industry. Seeing as I have mostly been selling to fabric and apparel companies, I was very curious and eager to see how the paper and gift industry would accept Designastration Studio. Much to my delight I had a very successful show! Most of my design friends know that I’ve been itching to have my designs on wrapping paper, and it was a dream come true when several wrapping paper companies stopped by and purchased some of my most special designs. I’m so excited to share that my artwork will also be on greeting cards, gift bags, party tableware, and even stationary! One of the giftwrap buyers also mentioned the possibility of using the characters in the design for wall decals!
Everyday of the show was busy except for Sunday, which also happened to be the opening day at Surtex. On Sunday the artists and studios spent some of the slow time getting to know each other and having so much fun. Artists from the UK, Europe, and from all over the US all pitching in, sharing ideas, and talking about art. How could you not fall in love with Blueprint?



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A year or so ago, while I was researching trade shows for the surface design industry, I started coming across whispers of a brand new show that would be starting soon called Blueprint. After a bit of research I discovered that Blueprint was the brainchild of Cinnamon Joe Studio, a studio whos artwork often inspires and delights me. I became fascinated by the idea of this new type of show.. (imagaine! a show created by artists!) I watched their website and blog for any clues and details. From what I could tell exhibiting at the show was by invite only and it consisted of the most prolific artists and agents in the industry.
The success of their first show became more then just industry gossip and rumors. During my visits to other shows, the whispers of Blueprint turned into a growing excitement. They have since had their second show and after hearing so much about their great accomplishment I wrote to Cinnamon Joe/Blueprint and crossed my fingers.
A few days ago I got a call from the UK. Due to a last minute change… Blueprint had one extra spot!

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Showing designs to a buyer at Printsource. Photo courtesy of Jellybox Design

When I first started talking to artists and agencies about their experiences showing at trade shows; I was told by everyone that you need to show at least 3 times before buyers start to take you seriously.
Well, my third Printsouce New York show is over and I’m so excited to say that it was a great success! I had the distinct opportunity to meet so many new companies and sell to so many new product categories. In spring 2017 my designs will be available on diapers, baby onesies, gift paper, bed sheets, and kids craft materials. I also sold quite a few patterns and collections to fabric and quilting material manufacturers.
3rd time is indeed a charm!
See you in August Printsource!


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It’s that tiDesignastrationme again! Time to update the website with some shiny, new artwork in preparation for Printsource New York! 3 new collections have just been added to the public Surface Design page on my website. So far, over 60 new pages of artwork have been added to the online catalog since the January show. That’s right around 100 patterns! I’m so happy and so proud at the quality of work I’ve been able to produce in preparation for the August show and I can’t wait for the opportunity to share them!
This season I’ve been focusing on character development and narrative graphics and it’s really taken my artwork to a whole new level! Also, I have made a very personal decision to only create/exhibit artwork that shows girls in a positive light. No ‘Diva‘ tee shirt designs available at Designastration’s booth. Nope!

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Printsource New York Booth – Jan 2015

Designastration’s Printsource Debut of 2015 is over. And boy-oh-boy was it wonderful! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since. It was just about this time last week that I had just finished packing up the booth. Some things are still sitting wrapped up in the corner of my studio waiting for me to put them away… sigh. So the recap: Upon entering the Metropolitan Pavilion Monday night, the first thing I noticed immediately was one of my designs (Vroom!!) smacking me in the face when I approached the front desk. Very cool to see my artwork first on the trend wall, waiting for everyone to see! I took it as a good sign. I was at booth C26 which was at the end of one of the back rows. Although ‘the end of one of the back rows’ sounds like a distant land, far from the action of the expo, it was actually a great spot! Right on the corner facing tables of the snack bar. I introduced myself to my neighboring booth: Nick and Nichola from Pattern Boutique. It was their first show and they came all the way from Scotland!  We became friends instantly. Super sweet people with amazing work! Set up went fast thanks to my mommy who accompanied me on Blog_3the journey. Tuesday morning I raced (crawled down a traffic filled street in a cab while chewing on my belt in anticipation) over to the Pavilion with 10 minutes to spare before opening. I have to admit, I was EXTREMELY nervous. Also, the room was sweltering! Was it just me or was that place boiling hot?  It took a few minutes for the first group to work their way to the back of the large room. The first person approached my booth.. (okay Tiffany.. you came all the way here.. you poured your soul into all this artwork.. you’ve spent a small fortune on this.. Do.. not.. blow.. it!! Say something! Be yourself and say hello!) Her eyes brushed over my artwork and then looked at me expectantly. “Hi!” I said, “I’m new and extremely nervous.” We both smiled and laughed. The first day of the show continued on in a whirlwind. So many people, buyers, and artists came by my booth. I’m plum almost out of business cards! I got many compliments on my booth and overall presentation. My cut-out-stand-up characters were a big hit and got a lot of attention. They really helped to break the ice, draw people in, and at the same time showcase my special talent: lovable, approachable characters. My Blog_4little, Mushka pins were a big hit as well. I had 50 to start with and I had to squirrel away the last 2 for myself. A lot of visitors took them to bring home to their kids. I really like the idea of that! One other thing that buyers commented/appreciated on were these post-it notes I had printed. They have my name and website on them and I used them to keep track of the prints that buyers wanted to revisit later. I’d write down the prints’ id numbers and the buyer would stick the post-it in their notebooks or in their wallets. They were a little pricier then my other swag, but I’m so glad I made the effort there. More then once they were called ‘smart’. The second day was definitely much slower then the first day, but still pretty busy. The morning of the second day was also when I made my first sale right from the booth. There were a few lulls in the afternoon and it was during those times that the artist would venture out of their stalls and visit each other. I met Ty and Dana from Jelly-box design who were right across from Nick and Nicola. It was their second Blog_5(or third?) show and I was extremely encouraged to see them have such a successful couple of days. Everyone gave the same advice: Come back! I should come back soon and come back as often as I can. You bet I’ll be back!

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101_PrintsTonight I reached 101 printed surface design samples to take to Printsource.
Still plenty of time until the January show to do more, but I’m still very proud of the quality of work backing that number. This has been years in the making, and seeing everything all come together has been an amazing award for all the nights, weekends, and vacation time I’ve spent on my artwork. All of the booth posters arrived last week along with some other booth bling and signage. Almost there..

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Screen shot 2014-08-18 at 4.07.09 PM
Last week I visited Printsource New York  for the first time. Having been to Surtex twice, I knew that the trade shows were similar in that artist would show their artwork available for purchase or licensing to vendors. The two shows are slightly different though. My take on it, in a nutshell, is this: Surtex is a celebration of the industry where new ideas are revealed and new connections are made. PrintSource is a place were business gets done.
Now, I’ve had my eye on Printsource for a while and I was eager to see it for myself. I am ready for a show, but unsure which is right for Designastration. I spoke with a few artist who had booths, spoke with a buyer in the aisles, and then got an opinion of a friend, and fellow artist, who also visited the show.

Visiting a show like Printsource can really give you a sense of the industry and get you psyched up to create some new work. I highly recommend it if you are an illustrator or surface designer! But I’d like to suggest a word or two about etiquette when visiting shows as an artist. There are only a few rules, but they are golden:

1. If there is an artist or design studio you’d like to talk to, be sure there are no buyers talking, approaching, or about to approach them. You wouldn’t want to discourage a buyer from not visiting their booth by being in the way.

2. When introducing yourself to the artist or agent at the booth let them know immediately that you are an artist or not a  buyer.

3. If you are talking to an artist at their booth and someone else starts to approach (however apprehensively they peek in) Acknowledge it to the artist and excuse yourself so they can get to work selling their artwork to potential buyers. Let them know you might be back if you want to finish the conversation when they’re free again.

4. Do not request to look through their prints. This is a big taboo. It may seem like an innocent request to you, but it may not be to them. They don’t know you and no one likes to be put in a position that they have to say ‘no’. Unless they offer, just assume it’s off limits. Enjoy the booths though! I love to comment and compliment artist on the most beautiful booths. Most of the best work is on display anyways. Breathe it in and get inspired! Just don’t take any pictures.

Again, going to these shows is invaluable. Sometimes I wish someone had recommended one to me while I was in art school. Here are some links to art licensing shows:

If you know of some other, or up-and-coming shows, please share them! I’d love to hear about them!

Oh! and ‘yes’! I applied for a booth at Printsource this coming January. I’ll be extremely busy prepping, designing, and printing in the next couple months. I think Printsource is a great way to debut Designastration and I’m eager get started!

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Don’t be scared! Some new Halloween Designs have been released at PetEdge.

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Updated the website last night with some fresh, new print collection details. Forest Tapestry and Vroom (show here). I’m working on a ton more and I’m truly having the time of my life.  In a couple weeks I’ll be heading out to Surtex and I’m looking forward to that rush of inspiration. No matter how smooth and fast I think I’m traveling; once I visit Surtex I get thrown back as my mind kicks it into Warp Speed.
I wish I could show some of my fun new product designs, but .. sigh.. still playing the waiting game for decisions to be made designs to be released for Fall. In the meantime I’ll enjoy Spring while it’s here. My little money pit is looking damn fine with all the pretty shrubs and bulbs I planted last year in bloom. Funny, I waited all Fall and Winter to see these blooms and now I’m waiting Spring and Summer to see the new products!

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