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So I have a few illustrations that are just a bit too large to scan with a regular desktop scanner. I’ve tried sectioning off bitts, scanning them and putting them together in Photoshop. Sometimes it works just fine and they come out great, but I have a few paintings that no matter what I do they won’t come out true to the painting. One painting in particular is driving me crazy because it’s a great painting with a lot of atmosphere and a real sense of setting. Exactly what I need in my portfolio! But I’ve tried everything… and it just won’t reproduce. I even took it to a place that specializes in photographing and color matching paintings. I dropped of the painting on Thursday and picked it up on Tuesday (longer then I thought.) It cost me about 11 bucks (okay.. not bad considering the hours I’ve already spent trying to do it myself.) It came out worse then anything I’ve seen… The light brown in the painting is hot pink in the tif file they provided me. Really??? Really??!! You didn’t think that looked a little off? Sigh…

My kingdom for a drum scanner!!!

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