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Tomorrow starts the first day of Picture Book Month.

Picture Books have been so important in my life and I continue to collect them. Rare, strange, popular, or torn… if it connects with me I’ll keep it on my reserved shelf. I was so passionate about them as a child, teen and now as an adult. I remember my mom cuddling up with me and the two of us reading together once she got home, very late, from work. She’d barely taken her heels off and I would be  in her face with a Van Allsburg. Even my father (an emigrant who could not read) would sometimes sit with me and we would muddle through ‘Hop On Pop’ together. Picture books are what made me want to be an artist and they helped mold me into the person I am and hope to be someday.
While I was at art school, getting my BFA in illustration, I had a part-time job at my local book store where I was the Story-time lady ‘Ms. Tiffany’. For a few years I continued to share my love of books, pictures and stories with the Story-time kids and I still remember all of the names of the regulars… although I can’t quite remember some of the faces of the people who I worked with. Proof to me the power of bonding over books.  I’m so thankful that my mother read to me no matter how busy she was or how late it was. And I’m also thankful that as I grew older she continued to understand my love for them and continues to share that we me.

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