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Last few days have been spent updating ‘Ye Ole Mailing List’ and experimenting on some painting techniques.
This is an amazing site to help clean up mailing lists and keep up with changes in the industry: http://www.underdown.org/chchange.htm
StarGirl SketchI have been working on a larger piece over the past week where I’m just letting myself make a mess with mixed media. I haven’t posted the sketch because I didn’t want it to be about the ‘start to finish’ but rather just an exercise to let myself go. There are some pretty interesting things happening in it and I can’t wait to start applying them to my future work. It’s hard to let yourself go isn’t it!? When you’re in school you have all your classes to set aside time to experiment and allow room for growth through trial and error.
I may take a break from the large piece and work on a little spot.

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