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This pretty pattern was the first one I created after getting my Cintiq. I remember my husband leaving to go run errands just as I finished installing the new equipment. We said goodbye and as he headed out I started drawing flowers. Time escaped and before I knew it I was in that misty area of the astral plane where you, the artist, vanish until eventually you look up and realize you’ve finally been set free from whatever mental flow was holding your senses captive. I remember hitting the print button to print this floral when my husband popped his head back into the studio. “Oh, you’re back early!” I said. “I’ve been gone for hours?!” he said. If I didn’t have the floral pattern printing in front of me I would have sworn the time missing from my memory was due to alien abduction.
This print sold to the lovely fabric buyers of Hobby Lobby last January and the colors reproduced PERFECTLY! Sometimes the background looks dark green and in other lightings its a deep blue. It was such a thrill to come across it on a Simplicity package while I was shopping for sewing patterns. It touches a special place in my heart to think of the generations of daughters, moms, and grandmothers who might see it and be inspired to create something themselves. My Grammy (who loved to sew and always encouraged me to do so) would have really got a kick out of this.

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