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Illustrator PostcardsWell, I got a few dozen postcards out in the mail this week and I ordered 400 more that are on the way. I go through these phases that I actually enjoy writing and sending samples to my favorite publishers just as much as sketching and painting. Isn’t that odd? Most commercial artist don’t like the promoting stage but I find it very fulfilling. Just like working the soil in a garden before you can grow flowers.
FishinIn the meantime I have the weekend to enjoy creating. I’m excited that I get to have most of tomorrow to paint! I have another little sketch for a spot of my little Nautical Kitty that I’d like to start tomorrow (if not tonight!) I think this one will be in black and white to match the other I did some time ago.
Wedding BirdiesAlso, here is a painting I did for my friend Jesse’s wedding program. It was a nice break to do something soft and pearly-pink. I have this great iridescent white acrylic I got from Winsor & Newton back while I was a student at Montserrat and it’s still almost full. I love to do smoke and steam with it usually, but you can just see it the bright pink background.

I’m almost done listening to the Brain Burps about Books archive!! Does anyone have any other podcast recommendations besides that and Just One More Book?

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