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Last weekend I decided to try and fulfill my 2009 New Years Resolution (hey, better late than never!) and get my passport. I keep having dreams that I need it but don’t have it. I have always wanted to travel and I think I’d plan something if I had my passport in hand instead of waiting for a reason to get one. I had everything in order (including my 28 year old original birth certificate) and went down to my local post office.
Wouldn’t you know it… the ORIGINAL birth certificate wasn’t good enough. They said I needed a copy instead. Uh… wha??? So now I have to pay Lowell 10 buck-a-roos to have a copy sent to me when I still have my original which I have been told my whole life was infallible and precious and shouldn’t leave my safe deposit box unless I’m getting an official document like a passport. Lies!
Oh well.. the happy ending to the situation is that I sent away for the copy on Saturday night and got it the mail today (Tuesday). That was crazy fast.
On another note, I got to see all of the samples of merchandise that I designed and illustrated for PetEdge in the last few weeks. It’s so cool to see everything come to fruition and finally be something tangible and 3 dimensional rather than a printed image. I loved to see my characters come to life and be holdable, squeakable, and huggable. As much as I’d love to show then I’m afraid I can’t till next spring. Sorry! Contract orders.
But I can show you these:

Rockport 4th of July

Rockport 4th of July

Good Harbor Gloucester

Nephew CJ and I at Good Harbor in Gloucester.

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