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My trip to New York is looming. Drop-offs… I can’t stand the thought of dropping off a cliché, pleather portfolio, so I’ve been making handmade boxes out of bookbinding material (similar to how Kelly Murphy taught me in my Senior year at Montserrat).
Illustration Portfolio
I’m almost done a new one for original paintings that I’ll be bringing with me. I splurged on some great details and a phthallo blue satin ribbon as a closure.  I’m such a geek, I’ve already got routes mapped out and a schedule synchronized. I’ll be bringing 3 portfolios with me, although I only have 2 stops each morning (’cause you never know, right?) Once the portfolios are done I’ll move onto assembling my new dummy books. On the lighter, more recreational side, I’m so going horseback riding in central park while I’m there. That’s right, I’m leaving Essex, MA to go horseback riding in NY city.
Ryan Pancoast’s blog has some great foreshadowing about the drop-off routine and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who holds onto every rejection letter. I don’t have a wall like Ryan, but I do have a folder.

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