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When I’m feeling particularly lazy, or I’m short on time, I still know better than to not keep moving, so I’ll try and improve a piece I feel disappointing in. I was working on this character a few weeks ago but while working on this painting I decided to experiment and veer from the original sketch.

The result was a great painting of a character, however I couldn’t really show it as it never felt finished. The rest of the painting had been neglected as I concentrated on the character features and hands. Today I revisited it. I cleaned it up, added some cute hand-painted words and now I’m rather pleased with the result. I think I’ll try and hand paint text into my teen pieces more often. It will be important to not rush the text and make it sloppy. I digitally placed a few different fonts over the piece before settling on a rendition and I think that technique helped keep it clean and purposeful.

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