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I am writing this from my big, comfy-cooshy bed… ahhh. I have a fresh cup of coffee on my night stand (Thank you for the Cuisinart Grind &  Brew™ Santa!) and I’m enjoying Mushka’s company. Lots of places to go today and people to visit but I’m allowing myself this  lazy morning because I was up late last night working on some digital patterns.  I just couldn’t stop!  I was struck with divine inspiration while holding the Lotus Position at Bikram and I wanted to start something new right away… I just didn’t realize I’d get so much done in one sitting! I haven’t really shown any of my new digital stuff yet but since I haven’t posted anything else in a while I guess I should show something.. got to love guilt. Ok, well here is the beginnings of a file from the collection I started last night.
I found a website where you can send in digital files and get small amounts of fabric custom printed at a very reasonable price. When I am done a few more files of this collection I may send away for a couple yards and make myself a yoga mat bag. Once I get the results I’ll share the link and let you know how the fabric came out.   Uh-oh!  Here comes the rain.  I better drag my tush out of bed and up to NH to see my ma. Oh, but my legs are jelly!  Damn you Warrior One!

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