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So by the end of tonight I’ll be more then halfway through ‘The Queen’s Game’ (hooray!). In the meantime, I’d like to share these fun new toys I created for PetEdge! Although I didn’t get to do a lot of product development design for the up-and-coming Spring line; I did get to do a lot more for this Fall’s line (which I usually have little to no part of).

How cute are these??


And this next toy is probably one of my favorite things I’ve designed for PetEdge so far (because it was so much fun to create!) It’s a sound-chip puzzle! You see, there are places in the puzzle where you hide dog treats in, and in order for your doggie to find the treats he has to solve the puzzle. While solving the puzzle he’ll hear noises to let him know he’s on the right track. For instance to get the treat hidden under the bird tab he needs to push the bird and when he’s close to solving the puzzle the bird will start tweeting!

ZA7389_ALT1 copy

I know! So cool!! I’ll update my Polaris Studio website soon to show the rest of the new items. There are some colorful cat collars as well as packages.

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