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Here is another finish.  I can smell the crisp-apple-caramel-deliciousness… I think next time I may wait a few layers before adding the patterned pater on the next one. It’s hard to see the shadow of them in the translusent layers once the image is reproduced. I have a lot of birthdays coming up so I may spend a little time working on some special presents. It’s 1am exactly so I think I’ll watch an episode of Bones and hit the hay.

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One of my illustration instructors from Montserrat, Fred Lynch, once warned my class that being a freelancer can be a little lonely at times.  He said, ‘You’ll know when you’re a freelancer when you know exactly what time the postman comes… some of you will even wait to meet him on some days.’ Of course we all giggled.. ‘oh that Fred, so sarcastic’… yeah, no. My postcards are coming today and I haven’t really done much of anything but wash dishes, make coffee and look out the window 532 times.  Where I live is very secluded and it’s very easy to tell when a truck pulls into the driveway.  The UPS truck in particular has a very distinct sound it makes when it rumbles down the long, empty street to my studio. I’m so excited to see the cards I can’t concentrate even though I’ve been working on two separate illustration pieces and some design work. The first one is a finished sketch ready to be painted in my spare time (while I’m waiting for changes to designs or approvals on sketches). I created it because one of my favorite things to do in the Fall is go apple picking and it’s become a tradition for me to go with my mom for a mother-daughter day. It’s almost that time for her to come to the North Shore and go a’pickin’ with me and I thought of another mother-daughter team out there who is also excited to practice their tradition.  Except they have a dog… I want a dog. This piece also inspired me to rearrange some storage space and drag all my mixed media supplies out of the closet and into the art chest (formorly the game chest) I have in my studio area. I’ll be using some beautiful and colorful patterns layered behind the painting of the fall trees behind the characters and underneith them in the grass.
I’m also working on a little spot for New Moon Magazine.  I love this teen-girl ‘zeen and the sweet stories they publish. Here is a sneak-peek at an Irish lass looking very suspicious. What’s wrong? Hmmm… you’ll have to wait and see..

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