I’ve been creating a LOT of new work! Time to update the website a little.. just to round it off with some more characters.

It’s fun to see the differences between the original mock-ups/sketches and the finished products!Image
These Whisker Tails are great for puppies! They have bouncy-ballys in their heads, squeakers in their tails, and they will soon be available at pet boutiques all over the place.


Don’t be scared! Some new Halloween Designs have been released at PetEdge.

Yes Sur!

At this moment I’m on the Bolt. Somewhere between Amsterdam and 96th. I’ve got Lily Allen crooning in my headphones and a computer bag full of surface designer samples. Going to Surtex from Boston is always a long day but ALWAYS worth the trip. Trend forecast for 2015 predicts lots of soft greens and violets. Woodland themes and animals are still very hot (thank goodness!) I also noticed a lot of dramatic, black and white holiday patterns. A nice touch of drama to traditional Christmas. Lots of robots, cakes, rabbits, and florals.

I’m sad to leave New York so soon… but I’ll be back in August for PrintSource!


Updated the website last night with some fresh, new print collection details. Forest Tapestry and Vroom (show here). I’m working on a ton more and I’m truly having the time of my life.  In a couple weeks I’ll be heading out to Surtex and I’m looking forward to that rush of inspiration. No matter how smooth and fast I think I’m traveling; once I visit Surtex I get thrown back as my mind kicks it into Warp Speed.
I wish I could show some of my fun new product designs, but .. sigh.. still playing the waiting game for decisions to be made designs to be released for Fall. In the meantime I’ll enjoy Spring while it’s here. My little money pit is looking damn fine with all the pretty shrubs and bulbs I planted last year in bloom. Funny, I waited all Fall and Winter to see these blooms and now I’m waiting Spring and Summer to see the new products!

Plugging away

ForestTapestryStill plugging away at some textile and surface designs. I’m heavily considering showing at Printsource in January and so I’m seeing just how far I can push myself. It’s a huge investment to get a booth at an art licensing trade show, but with some recent freelance work raising my confidence I’m thinking it might just be now or never.
Here is a sneak-a-peek at something I’ve been working on this evening.


Other then creating new work, I’ve also been busy catching-up on printing all the work I created in the last few months (year?!?). It’s so nice to have this fresh, clean studio to some into and get crackin’ on sunny mornings. Just having the space and the tools available 24/7 is inspiring in itself.

How cool is this?! Topographical Map Printed Pet Carrier! Released a couple weeks ago for Dog Is Good license. I got one for my fuzzy baby! ‘Never travel alone!’ 



Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 2.06.05 PM

Detail of print


The past few weeks I’ve been elbow deep into re-designing my studio. I painted the ceiling (fixed the leak!), the walls, and even the trim! I updated the hardware before I scrubbed, cleaned and shined the windows and floor. With my beautiful new rug and chair in place I couldn’t help but go out and get a new monitor.. and while I was at it an Intuous tablet.. and wireless mouse and keyboard.. Okay.. so maybe it was more then ‘Redecorating’. It was more like a ‘Rebirth!’ At the moment  I’m waiting to hear back on some non-pet related prints for a change. My fingers are still crossed on this one, but I’m very excited about it!

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